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Plant It! Grow It Eat It

Plant It! Grow It Eat It


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Plant It! Grow It, Eat It is a children's story about gardening!
  • Follow along as four kids grow gardens across balconies, backyards, greenhouses, and rooftops.
  • See how the kids plant seeds, harvest yummy foods, and share a big meal!
  • Young readers will learn helpful gardening tips and tricks along the way. - Every page includes call-outs explaining how kids can collect rainwater, encourage pollination, learn the benefits of earthworms and attracting butterflies, and how to avoid harmful chemicals and pests.    
  • Features brightly-colored illustrations by award-winning illustrator Kathryn Selbert.
  • Large board book - 10.75 x 10.75 inches.
  • 18 pages.

Meet a group of four children in the community garden, where they learn gardening basics from a neighborhood woman, Ms. Aster. With their newfound knowledge, they return to their respective homes to create a garden in their available space. Shaheri creates a garden on her apartment’s balcony, Archer utilizes his family’s backyard, Grace grows plants in a greenhouse, and Diego uses his building’s rooftop!

In the final pages, the kids bring their bounty back to the community garden where they gather for a community dinner with Ms. Aster.
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