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Girl Dinner

Girl Dinner

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So you’re hungry and not up for cooking, but there’s nothing good in the house? Prepare for this eventuality by stocking your fridge and pantry with staples that you can turn into sandwiches, wraps, pizzas and desserts for dinner at a moment's notice or by cooking when you feel like it and making extras for when you don’t, choosing leftovers that last like dips, snack mixes, pasta salads, frittatas and quesadillas. When your kitchen is filled with tasty leftovers and snacks, assembling an amazing low- or no-cook dinner is a breeze. 

  • More than 75 recipes for easy snacks, sandwiches, dips and treats
  • Chapters include: Dips for Dinner; Snacky Salads; Random Sandwiches; Totally Toasts; Pizza-Type Stuff; Assorted Egg Things; Crunchy Snacks; and Sweets for Supper
  • Easy and delicious dips to make ahead for future meals include Everything Bagel Dip, Apricot and Brie Dip, Cheesy Artichoke Dip and Garlic and Herb Dip.
  • When you don’t want to cook, assemble a sandwich from random things in your fridge. Try Cranberry Turkey Sandwiches, Bavarian Pretzel Sandwiches and Chicken Pesto Flatbreads.
  • On nights you want to skip the savory and go straight for the sweets, try Double Pineapple Berry Dump Cake, Cookie Dough Monkey Bread or Chocolate-Almond Crispy Treats   
  • ​Each recipe is accompanied by a full-color photo
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