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Brain Games Sticker by Number Be Inspired 2 Books in 1

Brain Games Sticker by Number Be Inspired 2 Books in 1


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This 2 books in 1, Sticker by Number book offers a compelling activity that will keep your brain engaged as you create totally awe-inspiring art.

  • Features 20 colorful images to sticker, including inspirational sayings such as "Enjoy every moment of your life," and "Live your dream," accompanied by whimsical art of butterflies, birds, flowers, foxes, and more.
  • Spiral binding and perforated pages make it easy to use!
  • Made for tweens but kids, adults, and seniors can enjoy.
As in paint by number, each design is divided into dozens of spaces. Each space has a number that corresponds to a sticker. Find the sticker, peel it, and place it in the right space. Watch as a full-colored image emerges from the original unfinished illustration.

** Images from two books have been combined to create this 104 page Sticker by Number: Be Inspired book! **
  1. Sticker By Number: Stay Inspired, 52 pages - ISBN-13 : 9781645582014
  2. Sticker By Number: Dream Big, 52 pages - ISBN-13 : 9781645582021

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