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Brain Games Puzzles Left Brain, Right Brain

Brain Games Puzzles Left Brain, Right Brain


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Give your whole brain a workout with more than 130 fun puzzles!

  • Challenge yourself with a variety of visual, logic, memory, language, spatial visualization, and computation puzzles!
  • You’ll find traditional logic puzzles, Futoshiki, and chain sudoku puzzles that will test your logical “left brain,” as well as optical illusions, brain teasers, and perception puzzles to test your “right brain” creativity.
  • Language puzzles include word searches, crossword variations, word fill-ins, anagrams, and more!
  • Each puzzle has one or more skill labels such as logic, creative thinking, attention, language, or planning so you know what skills you’re building!
  • Along with the puzzles, you’ll discover how the brain works, how lateralization helps the brain work more efficiently, and more!
  • Complete answer key is found in the back of the book. 
  • Spiral bound, 160 pages.
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