Book of Amazing History

Explore a lively range of human history, from the ancient world to the recent past, in this enormous, high-value collection of articles, lists, Fast Facts, and timelines. If you’re a history buff, The Book of Amazing History is just the book for you.

This generously packed hardcover volume looks at history from an anything-goes perspective, exploring the outer limits of human experience via colorful tales of fascinating personalities, places, and events. Discover the biological warfare secrets of the ancient world; the racy true story of Barbie; the development of American hot rod culture; a brief history of underwear; and the food obsessions of ancient Rome. Plus the real-life explorers who created King Kong; the teenager who invented television; Nazi Germany’s secret baby farms, and much, much more.

Page Count: 704
Trim Size: 6 X 9
Color: 1-COLOR
Binding: PADDED
Project#: 01609001
Item#: 3388101
ISBN 13: 978-1-4508-0745-6
ISBN: 1-4508-0745-3