Great American Scenic Drives

Great American Scenic Drives offers you a vast treasure trove of unforgettable, distinctive drives. You’ll find descriptions of more than 100 scenic routes—with at least one stunning drive in each state. Browse color photographs and detailed maps as you travel across plains, through forests, and alongside waterways. Check out distances and driving times as you plan your own trips. Whether you’re looking for scenic vistas, natural wonders, or points of historical interest, Great American Scenic Drives sets you on an amazing journey of discovery.

Great American Scenic Drives showcases the most outstanding and distinctive drives across the United States. While all the roadways in this book are scenic, many are special in another way: They have earned recognition from the U.S. Secretary of Transportation as either National Scenic Byways or All-American Roads. In order to obtain these prestigious designations, a roadway must meet high standards for scenic, recreational, natural, historical, cultural, or archaeological signifi dance. The many roads across the country that have won such recognition are collectively known as America’s Byways®. This book covers many of these extraordinary drives and goes a step further, adding additional top scenic drives from around the country. Great American Scenic Drives presents classic American journeys—the places where America’s story continues to unfold along unending ribbons of blacktop.

Covering five distinct areas of the United States, Great American Scenic Drives leads you on journeys through the West, Mountain, Midwest, New England, and South regions. Travel Alaska’s Marine Highway, and explore the island enchantment along Hawaii’s North Shore Oahu/Kamehameha Highway. Visit coastal highways in California, Maine, Rhode Island, and Florida. Urban delights await along the Las Vegas Strip, Michigan’s Woodward Avenue, and California’s Arroyo Seco Historic Parkway. Climb to the top of the Rockies in Colorado, follow in the tracks of dinosaurs in Utah, and experience the lowest point on the continent on the Death Valley Scenic Byway.

If you have the time and resources, travel the entire length of the mighty Mississippi River on the Great River Road, which spans several states—from its humble beginning in Minnesota to its roaring terminus in the Gulf of Mexico. Or explore the Historic National Road, which crosses six states, from Maryland to Illinois.

The routes in this book are gateways to adventures where no two experiences are the same. Every roadway has outstanding qualities that make it a special path to follow. Great American Scenic Drives is ready to start you on your road of discovery.

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