10-Minute Large Print Word Searches

Are you ready for a quick mental workout? Then take ten with 10-Minute Large Print: Word Searches. These large-print puzzles are perfect for a quick, stimulating puzzle break that will challenge your brain without straining your eyes. Just keep this book in your bag or purse and pull it out when you want a dose of mental exercise.

10-Minute Large Print: Word Searches contains more than 80 word search puzzles, themed around movies, food, places, animals, and more. For extra fun and challenge, we’ve included puzzles where you’ll have to solve clues or reveal hidden messages!

Whether you’re a beginning puzzler or a seasoned veteran, 10-Minute Large Print: Word Searches will help you relax, build your brain power, and enjoy!

Page Count: 192
Trim Size: 7 3/8 X 9 1/8
Color: 2-COLOR
Project#: 01971200
Item#: 4313400
ISBN 13: 978-1-4508-8798-4
ISBN: 1-4508-8798-8