Me & My Haute Girls 4-Pack

Locking Diary
This haute diary, with its own heart-shaped lock, is perfect for keeping your secrets safe!

Sticker Book
Decorate your photo frame, diary, notebooks, or personal mementos with hundred of haute stickers!

Photo Frame
This haute frame is all about you—personalize it with stickers and a fabulous photo!

Activity Book
You can doodle, plan trips, take quizzes, and play games, all in one place, with this haute activity book!

Page Count: 0
Trim Size: 13.6125 X 15.25
Color: 4-COLOR
Binding: BOX SET
Project#: 01922400
Item#: 5757600
ISBN 13: 978-1-4508-7171-6
ISBN: 1-4508-7171-2
UPC: 0-42799-87171-3