About Us

Publications International, Ltd. (PIL) is a leading North American publisher, producing more than 300 new titles each year and printing over 10 million books annually. Louis Weber founded the company in 1967 and remains its CEO. Mr. Weber continues his mission to provide high-quality, high-value products for consumers worldwide.

PIL publishes books and educational products in many categories, including virtual reality and other interactive learning experiences, reference, leisure, inspirational, automotive, and sports. The company also produces a wide variety of stationery. Consumer Guide®, a division of PIL, rates new and used cars each year in print and online.

PIL publishes cookbooks under license with many major food brands, including Crock-Pot®, KitchenAid®, Campbell’s® Soup, Hershey’s®, and Coca-Cola®. The company’s own line of cookbooks and magazines, Favorite Brand Name Recipes™, presents recipes tested by experts and beautifully photographed.

The Brain Games® division of PIL publishes books and magazines that feature brain-challenging puzzles, including standards such as Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, and Sudoku, as well as optical illusions, who-done- its, and picture puzzles.